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What Kitchen Items Does Fatty Cue Sell & Produce?

As a pioneer and provider of kitchen needs, the restaurant provides all your kitchen equipment with stainless steel materials. Ranging from: Stainless lighter gas ovens, automatic decks, gas ovens, gas convection ovens, drying gas ovens, dough riser machines, planetary mixers, spiral mixers, steamers/steaming machines, stainless tables, sink tables, grease traps, stainless cabinets, wall shelve, baking tray, fan range, gas stove and so on.

As a fabricator, Fattycue also provides and accepts custom processes, so you can customize your restaurant’s kitchen settings according to our budget.

Do All Fatty Cue Products Have A Warranty?

Official warranty directly from us for 1 year for spare parts & service for all Fattycue products. This is our main advantage, so warranty claims and post-purchase handling for all of our products are very fast and easy.

How is packing done during delivery?

Product packaging uses wooden rafters and wooden boards, this is to secure the product when shipping from Fattycue’s workshop/office to the customer’s address.