5 Best Microwave Recommendations and Types of Microwaves on the Market

5 Best Microwave Recommendations and Types of Microwaves on the Market

5 Best Microwave Recommendations

Microwaves work to cook food by emitting microwave radiation through the food. These microwaves trigger the water molecules in the food to rub against each other so they can produce heat which cooks the food. It’s no wonder that foods that contain a lot of water, such as vegetables, will cook faster.

At first glance, the microwaves sold in the market have the same shape and appearance. However, there are actually 3 different types of microwaves. Anything? The following is a discussion along with the 5 best microwave recommendations for you.

Basic Microwave

A basic microwave is a microwave made with the most basic functions, namely heating, and heating. With this function, you can heat a variety of frozen food, and warm leftovers last night in a fairly short time. Usually, no more than 90 seconds.

The features of a basic microwave are quite diverse. Starting from the auto-cook menu, the defrost menu or defrosting frozen food, the turntable, and what is certain is the timer feature. The existence of these features really depends on the brand, type, and price of the microwave. Of course, the better the brand and the more expensive the price, the more complete the features.

In addition to heating and heating, the basic microwave function can also be used to cook practical and simple food. For example instant noodles, popcorn, various mug cakes, to mac n cheese pasta.

✅ Microwave Grills

As the name implies, a microwave grill has the additional function of grilling food. Therefore, when buying this microwave, you will get an additional grated mat that is usually used for baking.

Foods that you can bake using a microwave grill are beef, chicken, fish, and potatoes to make baked potatoes. Especially for this type of meat, you have to cut it first into several small pieces, so that it can be cooked evenly.

Even though it has a baking function, the microwave grill cannot be used to bake cakes. Because you need hot temperatures to bake cakes. Meanwhile, a microwave grill source grills food using microwaves, not hot temperatures.

✅ Convection Microwave

If you want to have a microwave that is multifunctional, and can warm, heat, roast meat, and bake cakes, a convection microwave is a right choice. In short, a convection microwave is a combination of a microwave and a convection oven. Thus, food is cooked with 2 sources of energy, namely heat, and microwaves.

With the presence of 2 sources of energy, food cooked using a convection microwave can be cooked faster. Even for grill results, the surface will have a beautiful brown color. In terms of price, the convection microwave is the most expensive compared to the other 2 types of microwaves.

The 5 Best Microwave Recommendations

✅ Aqua Digital AEM-S1112S

Aqua Digital AEM-S1112S

Aqua Digital AEM-S1112S is one of the best deals you can have. The price is very affordable, which is less than IDR 1,000,000. However, the features and functions are quite complete.

Aqua Digital AEM-S1112S into the convection microwave type. So, it can function to heat and warm food, roast meat, to bake cakes. This microwave is also equipped with 6 levels of power control and a timer that will make your cooking process more practical. With only 400 watts of power, the Aqua Digital AEM-S1112S has a capacity of 17 Liters.

✅ Samsung Microwave MS-28J5255UB

Samsung Microwave MS-28J5255UB

Even though it’s still a basic microwave type, the Samsung Microwave MS-28J5255UB has lots of advanced and interesting features. Starting from the Eco mode, which can save up to 40% energy on standbypower defrost which can thaw frozen food faster than other microwaves, on/off turntables to activate or deactivate the mat plate rotation, and deodorization which can remove bad air in the microwave.

The capacity of this microwave from Samsung is also quite large, which is 28 liters. The inside of the microwave is also coated with scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial ceramic enamel and is easy to clean.

✅ Panasonic Microwave NN-ST32HM

Panasonic Microwave NN-ST32HM

Looking for a microwave with basic functions, but with a large enough capacity? Panasonic Microwave NN-ST32HM is the answer. This microwave has a capacity of up to 25 liters, so you can warm up quite a lot of food at once.

Panasonic Microwave NN-ST32HM can immediately cook 9 food menus with the auto-cook function. Another feature that it excels in is the quick 30 function. With this feature, you can set a fast cooking time of 30 seconds without selecting other settings.

✅ Sharp R-21 D0(S) Microwave

Sharp R-21 D0(S) Microwave

Sharp microwave output is quite affordable. Only 450 watts of power have a capacity of 23 liters. Doors made of glass make it easier for you to monitor food.

The features offered by the Sharp R-21 D0S Microwave Oven are quite a lot. Starting from there is a mechanical system for repeated menus, 5  power controls, and an automatic timer. Quite useful for your cooking activities.

✅ Oxone OX-77D Mirror Microwave Oven

Oxone OX-77D Mirror Microwave Oven

Who says that convection microwaves always need a lot of electricity? The proof is that the Oxone OX-77D Mirror Microwave Oven only requires 500 watts of electricity to operate. With a relatively small amount of electricity, this microwave is capable of roasting meat, baking cakes, heating food, and defrosting frozen food.

In terms of capacity, the Oxone OX-77D Mirror Microwave Oven is relatively small, which is only 20 liters. However, its beautiful and elegant design, as well as its auto cook feature, make this microwave feel special.

Having a microwave, in my opinion, is an investment because it can make your cooking process more practical. For that, there’s nothing wrong if you buying one of the 5 microwaves we recommend above. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

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