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5 Levels of Steak Maturity

5 Levels of Steak Maturity

Come on, who here likes to eat western-style steak? In contrast to Indonesians, steaks abroad are usually provided with additional salad and French fries. We usually eat steak, which is usually called rendang. Not infrequently we also eat steak ala-ala covered in flour. It’s understandable because most Indonesians like fried flour in flour (I’m one of them).

So Western steaks are usually consumed at different levels of maturity. There are several maturity levels to choose from. Each level of maturity has a different taste and texture for sure. What are the levels of doneness of the steak? Let’s see below.

✅ Rare

Rare steaks usually don’t suit our Indonesian tongues. You see, this rare meat is only cooked on the outside. About 80% of the inside is still red. Well, this rare level of maturity is usually the most in-demand by Caucasians because they think the meat is super soft and juicy.

Usually, to get this level of doneness, the meat on the inside must be at a temperature of around 48 – 50°C. You can check using a food thermometer. Oh yes, make sure to check it when the meat has just been transferred from the grill pan to the plate, yes, not when it is on a direct heat source. So, if you use your hands, try it with your left hand, and stick your right thumb and forefinger together. Continue, press the bottom of the thumb. That’s roughly the description of the tenderness of rare meat.

✅ Medium Rare

Steak Medium Rare

So if medium rare is similar to rare. It’s just that the meat is cooked more. When compared to rare, about 60% of the meat inside is still red. The term steak is half cooked. French Caucasians usually eat this medium-rare steak with salad.

With a food thermometer, medium rare meat should be 55-60°C. The texture of the meat is also juicy and tender. Now try to find your left thumb and left middle finger. Hold the bottom of the thumb again.

✅ Medium

This medium maturity level is the standard for the delicacy of steak in various countries. Of course, the texture of the meat is not as juicy as rare or medium rare anymore.

A medium steak has a lot more brown and just a little bit of pink on the inside, maybe 40% or so. If according to steak lovers who are native to America, the level of maturity of this steak is the most favorite and delicious level for enjoying steak. Usually, the meat inside if measured will be a temperature of 60-65°C. How to measure try combining the thumb with the ring finger, and press the bottom of the thumb.

✅ Medium Well

Steak Medium Well

The medium well level is usually the level that can be tolerated by the American tongue in general. The meat is almost completely cooked, but still a little juicy. There’s still a bit of pink in it, about 20%.

Usually, the internal meat will be around 65-69°C when measured with a food thermometer. The way to measure it is the same as a medium, except that we can see again that the color is browner than medium.

✅ Well Done

Steak Well Done

If you like to eat steak with the perfect level of doneness, aka really thorough, well done is the choice. You won’t find a hint of red on the inside. The texture of the meat will of course be tougher and no longer juicy because all the fat has been toasted.

In terms of appearance, the color is definitely brown and a bit dry. Usually, the inner meat will be around 70-90°C. To measure, join your thumb with your little finger and feel the flesh under your thumb. That’s the tenderness of well-done meat.

Just for your information, in that restaurant steak meat is sold in various types of cutsThis also shows which part of the cow’s body this meat comes from because the taste and texture produced will of course be different too.

Well, it’s clear about the types of western steak doneness levels to choose from. So tomorrow you don’t need to be confused anymore when you go to a steak restaurant and choose which level of doneness suits your taste buds the mostPersonally, I prefer medium well. The problem is that this level of doneness is the most tolerable by my tongue and eyes (because at least I can’t see the red steak). But back to each other’s tastes. Happy steak hunting!