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3 Types of Cooking Thermometers and Their Uses and How to Use

Fattycue – If in the past the thermometer was synonymous with its function to measure the body temperature of sick people, now there is a special thermometer available to measure food temperature, you know. And I personally feel very helpful with the cooking thermometer. Because, of course, the temperature calculation using a thermometer is accurate and almost close to the original.

So I can easily know the temperature of the water for cooking certain foods or the degree of doneness of certain foods such as steak. Well, if you don’t know, there are several types of cooking thermometers available in the market. What types of thermometers are they? Check out more below!

✅ Prick Thermometer

Prick thermometer

This puncture thermometer is shaped like a screwdriver with a long needle made of stainless. As the name suggests, how to use this skewer thermometer by sticking the tip into several types of food such as bread and meat. The tip is usually made sharp to make it easier to stick to the food whose temperature is to be measured.

How to use this thermoskewer is very easy. There is usually an on/off button on the thermometer. The thermometer will automatically turn off if it is not used for more than 15 minutes. In addition to the digital version, there is also a manual puncture thermometer which has a manual pointer scale indicator.

✅ Dip Thermometer

At first glance, the appearance of this tool is similar to a prick thermometer. It’s just that, if the thermometer is specifically for solid food, then this dip thermometer is specifically used to check the temperature of water such as hot water, soup, and other liquid foods.

How to use it is fairly easy. You only need to dip this thermo into the water and wait a few moments for the water temperature to appear on the thermometer display. But you need to pay attention and avoid dipping the thermometer too deep, especially to the bottom of the pot, because this will only make the temperature calculation inaccurate (too hot). Just like the Thermo prick, this Thermo dip also has a manual version with a manual pointer scale indicator as well.

✅ Gun Thermometer

Gun thermometer

As the name implies, this gun-shaped thermometer is used by shooting at food objects by pressing the button. Infrared laser light will come out of the thermometer, hit the food, and the temperature will be displayed directly on the indicator screen. Even so, this firing thermometer should not be directed at the food when it is on the stove or in the middle position of the center of the fire. Because the detected food temperature will be too high and inaccurate.

One of the advantages of a gun thermometer is the practicality it offers. So you don’t have to bother directly touching the food or cooking utensils. Apart from that, a gun thermometer can also be used in all types and forms of cooking, so of course, it is very practical and versatile.

Those were the 3 types of cooking thermometers that are commonly used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, just adjust it according to your needs.